Cozy Sweaters & Jewelry Combos

Nice & Bella Style House Review

Nice & Bella is a unique collection of jewelry that works for all styles and occasions. In this week's Style House Review we will be outlining casual sweater trends matched with everyday jewelry styles. The following outfits selected by the Style House includes comfy, cozy and casual sweater favorites. From a basic crew neck sweatshirt to a cozy cardigan, sweaters and jewelry are the perfect pair for a chilly winter day. The jewelry styled with these sweaters are simple yet fashionable earrings, paired with an everyday pendant necklace.

 We believe you should never leave the house without being fully accessorized; whether you’re on a quick run to the market, stepping out to pick up your kids or even just getting your nails done - opportunities to sell or recruit present themselves everywhere!

 This time of year, everyone is looking for an opportunity to change their life, dream to new heights and accomplish more. Use your outfits to showcase your business and the opportunities available!

This post includes a new Style Tips video, as well as four Sweater & Jewelry outfit guides. Use this content to promote your beautiful Nice & Bella Collection.