Best Practices in The Network Marketing Industry

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Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Yanira Aguayo - A network marketing expert with extensive knowledge and decades of involvement in the development of global markets. She has travelled around the world while working in various expansion projects and just recently, has  joined our corporate team as Field Development Director. 

On this edition, she shares an interesting view into her career life, while giving us some great professional advice and insights on how to develop the necessary skill set to grow in this highly competitive industry. PLUS, will mention some details on future projects being released by Nice & Bella.

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Hi Yanira! Thank you for joining us today. To start, could you tell us about yourself and how you came into the Network Marketing industry?

I embarked on this life changing adventure over 15 years ago, when I fell in love with the industry and what network marketing represents . For me this is a tool that, if used wisely, will give you the empowerment, freedom, personal and professional development to live the life you want…

I vividly remember my first experience when my dentist invited me to join his business and I became a distributor. On that journey, I experienced a community of like minded individuals who do not want to settle, but thrive. Coincidentally, I was invited to join the corporate world and serve our distributors from a different capacity to provide the strategies and platforms  for our independent distributors...this has now become my mission in life.

We've heard you have quite an extensive background in developing global markets, can you tell us about some of your experience? 

I’ve been extremely fortunate to do what I love which is design, develop and establish strategic road maps for domestic and international expansion. I've worked directly in the creation of tools and support platforms for market growth, not only in the US, but also across Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

This very reason has brought me to Nice & Bella and we are working to to make a strong difference in every household in the US and the world.

What do you think are the key elements distributors should be looking for, when selecting a business opportunity? 

There are three key items every distributor must analyze before entering any business.First, are you passionate about the products? Do they excited you? Is the career plan simple and generous? Are the company principles and values aligned to yours?

And when you think about it, Nice & Bella has all of these...

What should be Daily Routine to be a Successful Leader in Network Marketing? 

As simple as BE the brand and BE ready to share what you love…in your day to day activities people will be drawn to you when they see you using and enjoying the products.

Can you list some of the things you must give up in order to become successful? 

You must throw out the window the following: unbelief, what if, wish bone and replace it with believe, determination, and backbone.

Speaking of marketing for business - What channels do you think are most relevant? 

I believe in a good balance between high touch and high tech… nothing will replace the face to face contact but also social selling through your social media outlets will propel you to the next level as there are no geographical barriers

Do you have any personal advice for someone considering this career path?

If you want to achieve anything in life you must step out of your comfort zone, be brave and dare to make your dreams a reality. 

And last but not least, can you speak on some of the exciting projects you’re working on for Nice & Bella? 

Wow! We are very excited and working non-stop to launch a new support platform that will allow our distributors to effectively attract new customers, increase your chances to sponsor distributors, training and much more...fasten your seatbelts because the best is yet to come!

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