Viola Castillo, Gold Distributor

How did you come about Nice & Bella?

I discovered Nice back in 2007 when the company was present in Chicago for a few years, and after some time being dormant, I started receiving customers interested in Nice & Bella jewelry. At that time I decided to look for information through a friend, who connected me with my sponsor Gerardo. During our conversation, they mentioned that they are available in the United States and invited me to participate in the anniversary held in Guadalajara, Mexico.

As I experienced and saw the magnitude of the success of all the Distributors in this event, I decided to consider this opportunity as as a full-time career.

How has your life been ever since joining?

This is a family company that since its inception, has been maintained by strong and kind leaders, who always care about all the people who become a part of it. You will always find someone supporting your development with the purpose of helping you reach your goals.

I have always wanted to be ta business owner, have the ability to generate the income that I deserve, and develop experience as an entrepreneur. Now, with the help of everyone, I have achieved it.

When did you find out about the Car Bonus Incentive?

I was able to participate last February in the Leadership Conference held in Dallas, TX, and one of my friends, Lupita, who is also a distributor, motivated me to participate in this incentive program. I come from working +14 hrs shifts, always with the desire of branching out. So when I decided to organize my goals to qualify, I knew this would allow me to dedicate more time to the things I enjoy doing.

What is the strategy you mostly use to grow your business and qualify for incentives like this?

Growing is fun and easier with the right partner. I managed to team up with another Distributor that has a lot of experience and we began to organize socials for our clients. I also enjoy meeting new people and establishing close relationship with them, which is even more great since they also become part of your family. 

How would you describe this moment in your career? 

It was very exciting and rewarding to see leaders recognize my efforts. To see how all my work became something concrete. Nothing is chance in this life, when you set out your goals and work night and day to fulfill your dreams, you will always see that life rewards you. Nothing is easy, but with a clear plan, lots of faith, energy and discipline you will achieve it.

Would you like to share some advice with those who are wanting to achieve this goal?

I invite everyone, especially here in the USA, to put our minds and hearts into this opportunity, now that there is a successful company supporting and guiding us to achieve our American dream.

Let's go forward as our leaders have always wanted!