Behind the Design: The Evil Eye & Hamsa

Inspired Design

As a global company, we dive into unique cultures and traditions to draw design inspiration from our travels around the world. Our latest Nice & Bella Collection 117 included several pieces inspired by imagery dating back to ancient worlds.

The Evil Eye

In many cultures the "Evil Eye", which can be traced as far back as the Greco-Roman Era, is a malicious glare which causes misfortune or even injury. Over time, people developed ways to protect against it by creating talismans to ward off evil intentions. You'll find this bold, unique design in our Nice & Bella 117 catalog with layered bracelets to create an eye-catching look!

Item Number: 117216

Item Number: 117216


A second ancient symbol you'll find in this catalog is the Hamsa. An image with mysterious origins, this symbol has been a part of world cultures for millennia. Appearing as early as 7300 BC in Argentina, the symbol has drawn fascination around the globe. In modern day, the Hamsa is often depicted shaped like a hand with two symmetrical thumbs and an "evil eye" in the center.