Hosting a Cake & Crystals Social


Let them eat cake!

Invite your friends to try on the latest Nice & Bella Collection over sweet desserts! This Cake & Crystals Social is one of the easiest and most fun to pull off.

Use the guide below to help you plan the perfect Cake & Crystals Social.

The Invites

Talk to your Nice & Bella distributor about preparing for your social and starting your guest list. Then print or email the Cake & Crystals Social invitation to send to your guests.

We’ve created a customizable invitation to send to your guests: Click here to download the Cake & Crystals Social invitation.

Print and frame this adorable printable for your display table, too!

The Decor

Spread sprinkles around your displays for a delicate splash of color. If you plan to have a color theme, you can purchase these in several shades and even in metallic colors. Or stick to the always fun rainbow colors!

To display your cakes and/or cupcakes, your local grocery, party or craft store will carry inexpensive cake stands to really make your decor pop!

The Snacks

Here is the fun part! You can keep this as simple as purchasing cakes or cupcakes from your favorite local bakery or you can show off your baking skills by whipping up your own!

Show us your Cake & Crystals Social using the hashtag #NBSocial.