Laura Martinez, Gold Distributor

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Why did you join Nice & Bella?

I love jewelry! And who doesn’t? Even the woman who claims to never wear jewelry will at least wear earrings. That’s what initially drew my attention to the Nice & Bella business model. But it was the founders and their family that captured my heart. Seeing their commitment to helping under served communities was moving to me. So I signed up and that very same day I packed my bags and flew to Dallas for the annual leadership conference.

What's your favorite Nice & Bella memory?

Rather than a single moment, every moment I’ve shared with the Nice & Bella family from the top down has been a wonderful experience. Several weeks ago I asked Nice & Bella President Alejandro Litchi to visit my team in New York for a roadshow. I made my case and shortly after, he and his team organized a show in my area! Everyone in the company is so attentive to our needs as distributors and you truly feel that you are important to them.

What's your advice for someone considering becoming a distributor?

Just say yes! I guarantee that no matter what success means for you, you can achieve it with Nice & Bella. We not only have a product that everyone uses, it’s made with the highest quality materials by dedicated artisans and best of all, this company will support and guide you every step of the way. This business model is simple and you can do it along with anything else going on in your life. You won't regret it!

How do you balance your Nice & Bella business with a full time job?

I once heard that the busiest people are the ones with the most time to give, it's all about having an organized routine. I have a family that comes before my job and my business but I also run a local nonprofit, volunteer in a couple ministries at my church, teach Sunday School and am a Justice of the Peace. My time is very well organized and that is how I even have time to relax, read and spend quality time with my family. I live by my agenda and schedule time for everything I’m involved in.

What are you known for?

Most would probably tell you my willingness to help. My heart aches knowing there are so many people in this world with a desperate need for the most basic material things. I currently serve as president of the Dominican American Cultural Club of Yonkers. We raise funds for and offer support to children in extreme poverty. Ultimately my desire is to rescue all the children in need and give them the tools to lift themselves up.