Bonnie Orona, Gold Distributor


What's your favorite Nice & Bella memory?

Visiting the Villa de Los Niños was such an impactful experience for me. Our company provides educational opportunities to thousands of children in this school through our foundation. Many come from extreme poverty and are taught vocational skills to help them support themselves after graduating.
My heart has always been moved by the act of giving and seeing the hope that our company provides for these children was incredible to witness.

Dj Grad.jpg

How do you balance your Nice & Bella business with your life?

Nice & Bella is my full time job. But I have the flexibility to build my business around my life. I know when I have to be a mom, when I have signed up to volunteer and when I need time for myself. My business revolves around my needs.


What inspires you?

Helping people fills my heart. Several years ago, my husband and I would always be inspired by seeing families giving thousands at a time for various causes. We dreamed of someday being able to do the same for others. Then I discovered I could do just that through my business!
Since then, I’ve been able to use my business to aggressively raise funds for charities and causes that are special to me and my family. It inspires me to be able to make a difference in people’s lives through my business.


What has been your most interesting sale story?

No matter where I go, everyone knows I carry my jewelry products with me. Sometimes, however, there are times when I take a break and leave it at home. One of those times was a Kiwanis Christmas party a couple years ago. I arrived before my husband and had left my box of jewelry at home. Immediately, everyone began asking about my jewelry! I was so surprised when several people insisted I bring my products because they had planned on shopping that evening! It ended up being a very successful night for my business.