Karime Garcia Sarquis, Gold Executive Distributor

Why did you join Nice & Bella?

Shortly after graduating from college my mom, who is now my sponsor, showed me a video for the 2015 Nice & Bella incentive cruise to Greece. She knew my dream was to travel to Europe and that Santorini was on my bucket list. That very day, I signed up to be a distributor and within hours I had developed a plan to ensure I would earn that amazing trip.

I had several job offers and both my friends and family were surprised to learn that I had turned them all down to embark on this journey. But that day, I made a decision to work towards my dreams. Today, I am blessed to share with others the same opportunity I was given, to pursue their own dreams too.

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How has being a Nice & Bella distributor impacted your life?

Being a Nice & Bella distributor has shaped me into the leader that I am today. I have a deep love for learning and I carry that into my career because as a leader, you are constantly working to improve your skills and work on your weaknesses. Running my business has challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and work on improving myself.

Nice & Bella has been the canvas I have used to paint the life I want to live. This business allows me to work every day on my own happiness by pursuing my biggest passion which is traveling. From the moment you first become a distributor, Nice & Bella allows you to earn amazing trips! I have earned all the trips since I started and this year I will be going on both the Riviera Maya trip AND Northern Europe cruise. The most exciting part is that I will be sharing this experience with five other distributors on my team and their families who are also qualifying for those trips.

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What's your favorite Nice & Bella memory?

I have made so many amazing memories over the years. My favorites are when I traveled in the company's private jet with our President Alejandro Litchi and Style Director Susanna Davidov after the Dallas Leadership Conference and getting nominated for one of the company’s highest recognition, the Mateo Litchi award, during my first year as a distributor at only 24 years old.

What's your advice for someone considering becoming a distributor?

Think about what you would like to achieve and set those goals from day one. Don't be afraid to pursue your dreams. As I’ve learned in a few short years, with Nice & Bella you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

What inspires you?

My team inspires me every single day. Every morning I thank God for placing this amazing opportunity in my life. Whether helping someone make extra income to pay for groceries or empowering a mom wanting to spend more time with her family replace her full time income by building a business set around her schedule - Nice & Bella has allowed us to impact so many lives.

My biggest inspiration and what I am working towards is building a team of Diamond rank distributors. Many hardworking people live paycheck to paycheck because they are too afraid to leave their jobs. My mission is to help them get out of that cycle and build their confidence by teaching them how to be their own boss and start their Nice & Bella business.

Is there anything you are known for?

Both my mom and I are known for spreading positivity. My customers and my team know that I keep a positive attitude no matter what obstacle is before me. I am very grateful for all of life's blessings and I believe that every problem has a solution. Your customers will continue to support your business because of you and the service you provide them. When you are positive, caring, humble, and friendly people will naturally enjoy your presence. When looking for potential distributors make sure to look for those characteristics because they will create a strong and positive team.

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What is your most interesting sale story?

Just last week while on a plane to Las Vegas to meet with my team, I started chatting to the lady in the seat next to me. She said she didn't wear much jewelry but as soon as I took out my jewelry displays (which I carry in my purse at all times) she fell in love. I held a private show just for her in the aisle where she purchased several pieces for herself and her mother. 

With Nice & Bella, we have an amazing business opportunity because you can easily take your inventory everywhere and make sales even while 40,000 feet in the air!