Terry Broadbent, Gold Distributor

Why did you join Nice & Bella?

I’ve been in the direct sales industry for over 38 years and jewelry sales for 15 years so when I heard of Nice & Bella, I recognized right away the quality of the product. I was blown away by the reasonable pricing too. Ultimately, I was sold after having the opportunity to see the Nice factory in Guadalajara. The attention to detail spoke volumes about the company and it’s commitment to quality.

How has being a Nice & Bella distributor impacted your life?

I’ve had the opportunity to use my business for good. I like to say that I “specialize in fundraising” because that’s what my business is known for. When my clients host socials, they will often donate their earnings to their chosen nonprofit. It’s a wonderful way to incentivize potential clients to shop because they know their purchases are going towards something good.

What's your favorite Nice & Bella memory?

Hands down it was visiting the Nice factory. Seeing it for yourself is an amazing experience. My husband works in manufacturing so I had a unique perspective going in. That tour truly cemented the deal for me. I enjoyed seeing how joyful the employees working there were - they were real people and you can tell as they proudly showed you their part in the process that they enjoyed their jobs.

Terry with daughters Katelyn & Karley.

Terry with daughters Katelyn & Karley.

What's your advice for someone considering becoming a distributor?

There’s only one way to find out! Personally, I never intended to be in this business for over 15 years. I frankly just wanted to shop at a discount! With the generous compensation plan Nice & Bella offers, there’s really no reason not to give it a shot!

What’s your advice for distributors?

In this business, you have to make your way. Be innovative, take risks! When the economy took a hit, I immediately felt my business slowing down. It was hard to stomach but I wasn’t going to give in so I took the initiative to create my own events! I got together several vendors in my area and hosted a Mother’s Day event. I made my own way to get through it.

Katelyn and Karley volunteering with one of Terry's favorite nonprofits, Blue Heart International.

Katelyn and Karley volunteering with one of Terry's favorite nonprofits, Blue Heart International.

What inspires you?

Being a part of helping other women be successful really inspires me. I’ve seen women from a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds accomplish their dreams through this business and it’s been a great journey to walk with them. 

What are you known for?

People know me for being positive. The way I see it, it’s no one’s fault if your life isn’t going the direction you had hoped. You have to go with it! You have to wake up and choose to be positive, to keep going and keep pushing. 

What’s been your most interesting sale?

Several years ago I was standing in line at a sandwich shop. As any seasoned Distributor will tell you, I always make sure to wear my products! Another woman in line saw my bracelet and loved it. I sold it to her while standing in line! Shortly after that she called again to book a social. Eventually she ended up joining my team as a Distributor!