Nakia Hopkins, Gold Distributor


Why did you join Nice & Bella?

When I started working in direct sales ten years ago, I immediately knew I had found my dream job. It’s a wonderful industry and I have loved every minute of it. When I heard of Nice & Bella they had all the right answers in terms of their business plan, mission and heart. But once I was able to see the product for myself, I just fell in love. You immediately see the quality and care taken on each item.

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How has having a Nice & Bella business served you and your family?

With Nice & Bella, I’ve had the opportunity to do more than I ever have. My husband and I enjoy traveling together and with my business, we’ve been able to travel frequently! I’ve also been able to support organizations and foundations near to my heart with ease.

What's your favorite Nice & Bella memory?

The 2017 Dallas Leadership Conference was truly a wonderful moment not just for me but for my business. Our speaker was business coach, Nicki Keohohou. I had a strong “Aha!” moment at that conference during a conversation we shared. She encouraged me to get out of my fear, to push myself and my business.  

What's your advice for someone considering becoming a distributor?

Reach out to the person who introduced you to Nice & Bella and ask a lot of questions. You can’t start a business without knowing what you’re getting into! Tag along with that person on a sales call or at a show - or for that matter, host your own show! It doesn’t hurt just to try it out!

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What have you learned from having your own Nice & Bella business?

You have to always remember that you are running a business - your business! And if you want for people to treat you like a business professional, you have to act like a business professional.

What inspires you?

The love of God. In this business, we have the unique opportunity to be more than just a sales person. We are motivators and inspirers, encouraging others to chase after their dreams. While I receive so much from owning my own business, I am also able to give to others so much more.

What are you known for?

Everyone knows me for being positive and upbeat. I don't dwell on problems, I am always determined to find a solution! I prefer not to belabor what is out of my control. Sometimes things just happen; you have to approach them and life in general with laughter and compassion.

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What has been your most interesting sale story?

Several years ago I met a beautiful lady at a boutique. She saw the jewelry I was wearing and asked if I would be willing to do a show at her office for her coworkers. When I asked about the business, she only gave me an address and told me the general area. I went ahead and scheduled it without pushing for a name. The day of the show, I was so focused on being on time that again, I didn’t think to lookup the name! When I arrived, I immediately realized why she was being so elusive about it - it was a mortuary!

Ultimately, we had a fabulous time at the show. The employees and I were having such fun that I completely forgot where I was. At one point I had to use the restroom and on my way there, as I walked by several souls, I became intensely aware of the fact that I am alive and that I had received a gift in being able to bring joy even to a place like that. 

In that moment, I knew that my mission both in my business and my life is to bring joy to others and to always be grateful for another day.

What personal development books or authors are you currently reading? Why?

The one book I have on repeat - I’ve read it four times and have listened to it on audio book 12 times - is The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. In it, Andrews outlines the seven principles for determining personal success. Aside from being a great read, it’s inspired me to apply the seven principles into my entire life. This industry is tough and there will be many times when you feel like giving up, this book reminds me to keep pushing and keep striving for what I want.

The second book I’ve been reading is Successful Women Think Differently by Valorie Burton. In this book, Burton describes how successful women make decisions, set goals and how they face failure. For me, this book has been instrumental as a business owner in reassessing how I face obstacles and taking advantage of the opportunities before me.