Virginia Ruiz, Gold Distributor

Why did you join Nice & Bella?

I first heard of Nice when I lived in Monterrey, Mexico over 15 years ago. I've been familiar with the quality of its jewelry and its success ever since. Now being in the U.S, I saw the opportunity to join the company and share the business with others, helping them achieve their dreams. Now that the company has opened this new market, I am so excited to be a part of seeing and contributing to the growth of Nice! 

How has being a Nice & Bella Distributor impacted your life?

Owning my own business has helped me develop as a saleswoman. This field was entirely new for me but I enjoy showing off the product to others, and sharing this opportunity with others who are interested. I've also developed as a leader through building my team and collaborating with others who are committed to achieving their goals. 

What is your favorite Nice & Bella memory? 

I truly enjoy moments when all the Distributors come together as a Nice & Bella family. There's something electrifying and energizing about seeing so many Distributors on fire about building their business just like you are. 

 In February of 2017 I was able to attend the Leadership Conference in Dallas. The training sessions and activities left me so motivated and ready to build and share my business!

What's your advice for someone considering joining Nice & Bella? 

I would say stop thinking about it!! This is such an excellent opportunity. The compensation plan is excellent and I believe Nice & Bella is in its greatest moment yet. We have such a unique opportunity to be the pioneers in this project of launching a new market within the U.S. which already has a presence in Mexico, Central America and Europe. 

What have you learned from having your own Nice & Bella business?

I've learned that people should be valued for what they do, not because of their educational level, sex, religion, or even their immigration status. This company has a noble mission which ensures anyone who works hard can make it. 

Do you have an interesting sales story? 

I have interesting sales every day because people know when they purchase from me, they know they're acquiring a beautiful, quality product at an accessible price.  

Once, while I was visiting a friend to give her her order, she saw the accessories I was wearing and asked me to sell them to her at that very moment. I told her that I could order her a new pair if she wished because these were for my personal use. She didn't care - she loved the pieces so much it didn't matter to her that they were used! I made the sale right then and there. In that moment I realized that this product really sells itself, and as Distributors, we are the best models!