Cheryl Booth, Gold Distributor


Why did you join Nice & Bella?

After being in this business for 14 years my customers wouldn't let me quit! When my former business came to a close I looked at all the other jewelry companies out there and came to the conclusion that Nice & Bella stood far above the rest in quality. It was the reason I joined. I knew that I was going to be giving my customers the very best product in the direct selling market today.

How has having a Nice & Bella business served you and your family?

I love having a business that allows me the freedom to fit my families needs! I have raised two kids to adulthood and now am entering into a pre-retirement phase of life. My husband and I love to travel and this business is perfect for that. I can plan my business around my trips and also bring it with me. Jewelry sells ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE!

Booth and the other 11 women trapped in the elevator at the 2017 Leadership Conference.

Booth and the other 11 women trapped in the elevator at the 2017 Leadership Conference.

What's your favorite Nice & Bella memory?

I enjoyed traveling to Dallas this past February for our first Leadership Conference in the US. It was lovely to meet other ladies from around the country as well as Mexico. It was great to meet the family and hear from their hearts the history of Nice & Bella. 

On a lighter note there were about 12 of us that got stuck in an elevator for about an hour! That's a pretty good way to bond with new Nice & Bella sisters! I'll always remember that conference fondly.

What's your advice for someone considering becoming a Distributor?

Nice & Bella is a very solid company! The jewelry is beautiful and of the highest quality. They have been in business for many many decades and now one year in the USA. It's an amazing time to join! There is a place for everyone! Whether you’re doing this full time, part- time, or maybe just for a shopper’s discount, now is the time to do it. 

What have you learned from having your own Nice & Bella business?

I've learned a lot about myself these past 11 months! One thing is: YES, you can start over. The truth is, I wasn't sure I wanted to at first but I’ve really enjoyed the journey with Nice & Bella.

Consistency is the key in this business. Figure out what works for you and keep doing it on a consistent basis! Don't give up, and ask questions, there is always someone there to help.

What inspires you?

The ability to be able to help other women. It could be just simply helping someone pick out a piece of jewelry and see that sparkle in their eye as they look in the mirror, or helping someone start their own business and see their personal growth over time. Maybe it's even donating money to their favorite cause. We truly are in the business of helping women feel good about themselves. I can't think of another business that would allow me these options! 

What are you known for?

Customer Service is what I have always been known for. I go the extra mile for my customers even in thanking them. Every season I host an event exclusively for my hostesses. I believe in the importance of showing gratitude for both my hostess and customer because without them I am out of business!

What is your most interesting sale story?

Years ago I did shows at a plastic surgery center! I would come in at the end of the day and set up in the patient lobby area and the nurses and staff would shop. This particular day there were too many patients waiting, so they brought me back to the surgery center! I setup my bling on little surgery tables, I have to say that was the craziest place I ever sold jewelry, but oh, the lighting was fantastic!