The Colors of the Season

It’s time to bring out your holiday wardrobe! This holiday season we are tinkering with the color scheme and having a little fun. Bring out your royal blues, shades or red, plaid, cream and even black to show your off your winter style. Your outfit of course not only has to look gorgeous, but it must stand out too! Check out our five favorite holiday color schemes and jewelry accessories to make your outfit pop!

Black + Cream

In this outfit, you’ll see that fun and class look great together! This dress is made up of two layers, a cream colored underneath body con dress and a lacy over top. To accentuate the look, add some beautiful gold fringe earrings and a unique, crystal stone encrusted ring. Wear this look on a fun weekend with friends!

Sku’s: 218046, 218635


Emerald Green

A beautiful color that often goes unnoticed because of it’s uniqueness is green. In this outfit, it is perfectly executed in that it is not an extremely dark color and it is not super vibrant. Pair this amazing jumper with rhodium earrings and bracelet with a faux pearl and emerald green crystal stone, and a rhodium, clear crystal encrusted ring. This look can be taken to any glamorous event!

Sku’s: 218032, 218038, 218159


Red Plaid + Gold

This look is earthy, casual and chic! It consists of a plaid red and black skirt and a gold top. It’s perfectly paired with golden accessories such as unique gold earrings with red faux marble stones, tassel necklace with red faux marble stones, bracelet with textured black crystal stones and a crystal stone encrusted ring with. Try this look at your next family get together!

Sku’s: 218062, 218065, 218527, 218528


Gold + Black

A casual look in black and gold like the one below is perfect for any occasion. This look is made up of a shimmery, gold top and black jeggings. It’s paired with a gold knotted bracelet, gold and gunmetal tassel necklace, grey stud earrings and a gold ring with a black stone.

Sku’s: 218455L, 218456, 218513L, 218576


Royal Blue + Cranberry Red

Saving the sleekest look for last, this look is stunning for a holiday gala or a luxurious date. This dress is an elegant royal blue with a red underneath. It’s delicately paired with a rhodium bracelet, necklace and earrings.

Sku’s: 218035, 218036, 218095L


Share your favorite holiday colors with us!

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