Top 10 Reasons to Start Your Own Business in 2019!

If you’re reading this you are probably already thinking about taking the leap and becoming your own boss. You’re probably dreaming about what it would be like to start a business and lead it to success.

We know that for many, starting a business is an intimidating concept, and you may be holding back feeling there are too many risks or unknowns. However, there is a way for you to see past that when you look at the many rewards that you are sure to discover when you do!

#1 - It’s a family affair

You can build a thriving business while spending more time with your family. In this business, you have the power to build your own team of like-minded individuals who are seeking the same freedoms are you, who want to expand their professional skills, or simply just want to make some extra income on the side.


#2 - Break free from the cubicle

You can transition your career to one that offers you the greatest rewards while putting your best skills to use! Online? In Person? Inbound? It’s your call!


#3 - Hit the ground running!

Take your business with you anywhere, at any time…take that vacation guilt-free, knowing that you have the power to decide when and where to make clients and that you are always “open for business”.


#4 - You get to build your tribe

These relationships will fulfill you and will last a lifetime. Seek out those adventurers and build a legacy business that everyone can enjoy and that elevates other’s self-confidence, quality of life and knowledge.


#5 - Pass it on  

You become an influencer. The skills that you put to daily use will make an impact on everyone around you. When your family, friends and team members see you successfully leading others, making sales, resolving conflict or defining a marketing plan, you also influence their learning and growth along the way!


#6 - Work from home success is not about being perfect  

You don’t need to have the perfect office space, staff or even a high investment capital to get started. And just like 21 million people would agree, there will never be an exact perfect time to begin. As you take on this journey, you will notice how your business evolves as the market shifts and new technology is developed. However, the good thing about this type of business is that you have a support team dedicated to your success, a strong company backing you up and the flexibility to invest time on the things that matter to you, on your own terms.


#7 - You ARE the helping hand

Personal success is something to celebrate, but helping others achieve something they thought impossible is priceless.

#8 - You will be pioneering the way

Think of the names… Apple, Amazon, ebay. Each of these powerhouses started with a foundation of individuals who wanted to be a part of creating something new. As a Nice & Bella Distributor, you will be paving the way for your future and will lead the way as we become a household name. That’s a legacy to remember.


#9 - Tax deductions.  

By becoming an Independent Distributor, you can unlock tax deductions for your key business expenses. compiled the most common deductions for independent contractors. Read it through, and check it twice to make sure you don’t miss out on any tax savings.

#10 - You get to turn your passion for style into cash

Do what makes you happy! And while you are at it, serve as an example for other people to follow their dreams and to gain the financial freedom they always dreamed of.

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