The Perfect Duo: Nails & Rings

"The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails." - Tammy Taylor

We use our hands every single day, when eating, typing, cleaning, practically for everything! It is essential that we show them a little love with a manicure every now and then. Summer trends call for metallic and clear nail polish shades! Why stop the trends at the nail polish? Accessorize your fingers with rings that match your mani! Check out the perfect duo of rings that will match your mani in the slideshow below! 

Learn about the look 


Purple comes in many playful shades. Try a metallic lavender and plumb polish to make your nails stand out this summer! Pair your nails with our beautiful rings 317213 and 317096 that’ll add a little sparkle and flair to your look!


Yellow will always be a win as a summer shade, it is the color that defines summer! This color had to be paired with our own golden rays, rings 317514 and 317256L.


Pink! Pink! Pink! A color that can be used in many shades and this summer we are toning it down to a transparent pink! The minimal design adds some flair. Add a little more flair by adding some sparkling crystals on your fingers. Our rings 317097 and 118163 are the perfect set to add some sparkle to your clearly, sparkly look.


Match the color of the sand on your trip to the beach with this metallic tan nail polish! It’s a neutral yet edgy look that will look great this summer! Add a splash of color and shine with our rings 118497 and 118577L.


Stand out with a uniquely chic look of two white stripes over a natural nail and a dash of excitement with red nail polish. Bring even more attention to that mani with a touch of gold, rings 118767 and 317365L

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