Fresh Recipes: Matcha Limeade!

Bright and sunny days are fast arriving! It's time to soak up on vitamin D, take a dip in the pool and sip on a freshly made cold drink. With our amazing selection of Matcha green teas, our recipe possibilities are endless! One of the great and tasty ways to use matcha green tea is by adding it to some... LIMEADE! Adding Matcha to your limeade or lemonade will create a deliciously crisp green tea taste to your icy summer drink. Make an ice-cold pitcher of matcha limeade for you and your friends this summer! 


1 cup - hot water / 2 cups - pure cane sugar / 2 cups - lime (or lemon) juice

1/2 tbsp. - Nice Imperial Matcha Green Tea Ceremonial

3.5 cup of iced water


Now that you've collected all the necessary ingredients it's time to mix them all together! 

  1. In a large pitcher, take the hot water and mix in the matcha powder with the sugar. 
  2. Once dissolved, pour the ice water and lime juice in the pitcher with the matcha mix and stir. 
  3. Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes. 
  4. Pour the refreshing drink into a cup, add some ice and enjoy! 

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