Summer Social Inspirations

Socials are one of the most efficient and fun ways to invest and profit from your personal business. It’s an event filled with mingling, food, drinks and best of all, shopping! Summertime is an exciting time to make a social because social theme options are endless! It’s important to have a unique and convivial theme to captivate your guest’s attention. Once you get the perfect theme, it’s time to capture your guests with the main attraction… gorgeous jewelry! The jewelry you display is the jewelry most likely to be sold which is why it must be paired beautifully. Check out our amazing theme and jewelry ideas below!

A boho brunch is a perfect theme for the summer!

It is laid back, relaxed and super chic! For a beautifully decorated boho theme you will need the following decor:

Glass Mason Jars / Colorful Flower Bouquets

Vintage Inspired Bohemian Wall Tapestry

Assortment of crystals and stones for good energies

Incense and/or Candles

Champagne Flutes for Pineapple Mimosas!

 For this chic boho theme, three different jewelry sets were made. Each set was hand-picked to match your inner bohemian goddess!

Set 1: 218284, 218671, 317126, 118313L

Set 2: 118767, 118333L, 118275, 118725

Set 3: 118821, 118394, 118184, 317045

There is no over looking a delicious margarita social on any sizzling summer! What makes this social unique is that it’s not just any margarita social, it’s a margarita fiesta! For an amazing margarita fiesta, you will need the following décor:

Margarita Glasses / Colorful Tablecloth

Colorful Bowls / Umbrella Picks

Low Carb Sugar Free Classic Margaritas!

For a margarita fiesta, your jewelry display choices should be playful and colorful. Here are the sku’s for our vibrant style picks:

Set 1: 118311, 118461, 118316, 118336L, 317225

Set 2: 118481, 317244, 317243, 118463, 118486

Set 3: 118702, 118701, 118454, 317097

A wonderful evening social is an “All that Glitters” social. This social, is sparkly, fun and classy! The décor should create an atmosphere of comfort and class. Here is some must have décor to make your All that Glitters social stunning:

Champagne Glasses / Glitter Table Runner

Glitter Confetti / Glitter tea candles

Glitter or Metallic Balloons / Champagne!

For your all that glitters social, you must use the most sparkly, stunning, statement pieces you have in your collection!

Here are a few jewelry sets to captivate your guests:

Set 1: 118091, 118092, 118096, 317095

Set 2: 118074, 118075, 118285L, 317194

Set 3: 118121, 118124, 118131L, 118405L, 118636L