Top 5 Travel Wellness Tips

Traveling can enrich the mind and soul. It is an amazing way to unwind and break free of your everyday 9 to 5 routine. In order to ensure the best trip and enjoy it to the fullest, it is important for you to stay in tip-top condition! Here are five great tips on how to maintain your wellness throughout your whole trip!

Pack Healthy Snacks

Whether you are traveling by plane or car, it's important to carry nutritious snacks that will help keep you energized! Try packing some good old trail mix, apples or berries of any kind to keep you boosted on road trips or food bars and veggie chips for a long plane ride!

Stay Hydrated

Any travels can get you worn out, it's important to keep your body and face looking refreshed. Drink plenty of water and keep some lotion at hand to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated!

Boost your energy!

Going somewhere with shifting weather and atmosphere conditions? Help your immune system combat sickness and germs with vitamin C and ginger! Both of these are available in capsule form, but it's always better to take it all natural like eating a delicious orange, drinking ginger tea with locally sourced honey or munching on some ginger snaps!


Keep Probiotics at Hand

While visiting new exotic destinations you are more than likely to try new foods! Foodie indulgence can be quite delicious, but your tummy might not always be able to handle it. Try keeping probiotics to help with digestion, this can be found in our Matcha Green Tea! So pack up a couple sachets and keep your tummy feeling well your entire trip!


Stay Well Rested

Traveling can be tiresome and sleeping in a new time zone and new bed can be hard on your mind and body. Our delicious rooibos red tea is an amazing relaxing tea that will be great to take before going to bed every night. Pack a couple of sachets and stay well rested for your next trip!