Top 5 at Home Wellness Tips

Being home alone can be very enriching. It’s the perfect time to simply focus and work on yourself. There are many little things one can do on a day off at home, that will increase productiveness as well as wellness. Read our five favorite at home wellness tips to keep you, happy, refreshed and productive! 

create your personal to-do list

Although you won't be at work or running errands on your day at home, ensure a productive day by creating a to do list! Your list can include non heavy tasks such as getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, playing with your pet or reading a good book. 


enjoy delicious & healthy snacks

While being home you'll obviously have plenty of time to munch delicious snacks! Sit back and watch a movie or favorite show while indulging on juicy sliced apples, strawberries or berries! If you're a fan of chips, try some delicious baked sea salt veggie chips, they're healthy and tasty! 


read up a good e-book or listen to your fave podcasts

Instead of binge watching on Netflix or scrolling through your Facebook feed, we suggest tuning into a live podcast or reading up an audio book! Pop some headphones in and sit down in your comfiest chair...


pamper yourself with a lush warm bath

Pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home with a lush warm bath to help relax your body. Light up some aromatic candles, turn on your favorite playlist, lay back in your tub, close your eyes and relax. You'll be feeling as good as new and ready for a good night's sleep. 



have a luxurious facial session

End your day looking radiant as ever with a luxurious in-home spa session. We recommend you try our Dead Sea Anti-Aging Mud Mask with Aloe Vera! By applying once, you will rid your face of all toxins, lift and renew yourself for another productive day.