Erika Dahud - Don Mateo Litchi Awards Nominee

"Loving and being committed to what you do is very important to be able to enjoy your work."
Erika Manis.png

1. What are the main benefits that a solid Network gives you?
In addition to a solid check, credibility, growth and a team of committed leaders.

2. What are the main keys to form and consolidate a Network?
Commitment to the company and with my leaders, appreciating the effort and always thanking the commitment they have with me, and on the other hand, also the commitment with the network. Work in depth and identify the leaders. Always set the example 100% positive of how the business is done, selling, affiliating and following up

3. Have you faced obstacles in the development of your business? What have they been and in what way have you overcome them?
When I changed from Nice to Nice & Bella I think I was blocked, I could not focus, I was overcoming it when I saw new people take the business of wonder. A year and a half ago I live in a family situation with cancer, my brother and my father fell ill at the same time, my brother died and my father is already very tired, this situation has worn me out in every way, and I have not overcome it , I do not victimize myself, however I think that Nice & Bella and my daughters (4 and 8 years old) have been my motor to follow when I sometimes think I can not anymore!

4. Mention what your most important personal achievements have been.
Personal many, the main one, security to speak in public, discipline, resistance, and patience. Nice & Bella has given me much personal growth satisfaction, it has given me 7 International trips, several presenter bonuses, checks every month and the most important thing for me is to see how my network benefits, like me, from this delicacy. That is priceless!

5. What is your main strategy for inviting prospects to an Opportunity Board? and How many monthly meetings programs?

I make a meeting of opportunity and training a week with the teams I work with, so we do it in different places and the main strategy.
1. Prospect
2. Social networks
3. Promote the meeting with time and with great emotion.
4. Cold contact, I firmly believe in this technique.

6. What is the support you provide to the members of your Network?

Giving training by Whatsapp and Facebook, go to their weekly meetings and motivate them, for example, Weslaco I go every month, San Luis Potosí every 2 months, and the areas where I live because every week I am there. Answer all your questions and support them with homemade meetings or sales events.

7. What advice would you give to all Distributors who want to become leaders in their Network?
That they commit themselves first since they are the example of an entire network. Loving and being committed to what you do is very important to be able to enjoy your work. That the values are practiced day by day and that you work as a team so that everyone grows and not only you.