Karime García Sarquis - Don Mateo Litchi International Award Winner!

"My biggest commitment is to see my team achieve the same as me and even more."
Karime García Sarquis - Don Mateo Litchi / International Award Winner

Karime García Sarquis - Don Mateo Litchi / International Award Winner

1. What are the main benefits that a solid network provides you as an entrepreneur?

The main benefit that a solid network gives you is to establish an income that grows as the results of your network grow. The work you do today continues to give results tomorrow because results are multiplied.

2. What are the main keys to start and consolidate a network?

Remember that you choose who you work with! My team is filled, incredible people, they inspire me every day and I love that I am surrounded by people who work with great dedication to fulfill their dreams.

A strong network consists of people who have big dreams and goals because that allows them to get up when there are difficulties and remain committed to their business.

3. Have you faced obstacles in the development of your business? What have they been and in what way have you overcome them?

A very big obstacle for me has been to overcome my fears. The fear of "No" is the one that stops me but every time it becomes less difficult to overcome it. Something that helped me a lot is to share my experience with others because many struggles with that obstacle and to achieve great things in life you have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and overcome those fears.

4. Could you tell us what has been your most important personal achievement accomplished with Nice & Bella? 

My life has changed completely in these 3 and a half years. I was a "shy" person and thanks to this amazing company I was able to overcome my fears and grow as a leader. Today, I feel safe speaking in public, and in my 27 years, I have had many achievements including traveling around the world. I feel blessed and very happy about the life I am living and the future I am creating.

5. What is your main strategy to invite prospects to an Opportunity Meeting? and How many monthly meetings occur?

My main strategy to invite my team members to use social media. I always try to post photos of our meetings and add all my prospects as friends on Facebook so they can see what I do and help them make the decision to start the business with more confidence. I schedule 8 monthly meetings minimum.

6. What type of support do you provide to the members of your business network?

The support provided to my network consists of teaching them by example what they can achieve and I use a lot of social networks especially my YouTube channel since videos are an easier tool to transmit messages to my entire network especially to those who live in different cities.

7.  What advice would you give to all Distributors who want to become leaders of their network?

The biggest advice I can give you is to teach your network how to do things so that they form leaders and not followers. My biggest commitment is to see my team achieve the same as me and even more.

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