Aurora Rodríguez, Don Mateo Litchi Awards Nominee

"My mission is to give distributors the support they need to help them extend their network."
Aurora Rodríguez - International Nominee / Don Mateo Litchi Award

Aurora Rodríguez - International Nominee / Don Mateo Litchi Award

1. What are the main benefits that a solid network provides you as an entrepreneur?

 In addition to a solid check, you gain amazing opportunities such as traveling around the world, earning a brand new car and much more!

2. What are the main keys to start and consolidate a network?

To me is always sharing the business opportunity with as many people as you can.

4. Could you tell us what has been your most important personal achievement accomplished with Nice & Bella? 

To have received my Car Bonus incentive has been the most satisfying achievement accomplished. 

5. What is your main strategy to invite prospects to an Opportunity Meeting? and How many monthly meetings occur?

In the meetings, you will meet people who have had very good results with their business so this is obviously a good way to motivate others to start their own business as well. I organize 4 meetings per month

6. What type of support do you provide to the members of your business network?

Give distributors the support they need to extend their network.

7.  What advice would you give to all Distributors who want to become leaders of their network?

To train everyone who is new in the business so that they are able to help others along the way.

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