Top 5 Wellness Goals for 2019

The new year is here and it has been already zooming by! Many of us might have already constructed our goals for the year in an attempt to improve our lifestyle. But in order to ensure a great start, you must have a great foundation and that starts with you. It’s important to remember to maintain your own happiness and health. In this first edit of the year, we’ve made a list of our top five wellness goals to manage your mental and physical health this year.


Start Your Day in a Healthy Way

Create for yourself the habit of eating an healthy breakfast meal such as oatmeal, avocado toasts, chia seed yogurt with a bowl of fruit or a delicious green matcha smoothie! We taking the time to make and enjoy your breakfast at least 3 times a week and keep adding days as you find them suitable. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will boost your energy and have you feeling ready for the day!


Invest Time in Your Hobbies

Do something you love. Choose four days out of the week to invest at least one hour on a hobby you enjoy such as reading, journaling, painting, or dancing! Spending time doing something you love will always be beneficial. You’ll look forward to these days and you may even gain a little more knowledge on your hobby each day you do it!


Incorporate Meditation

Spend five minutes each day to meditate for peace and relaxation! Meditation has been proven to relax one’s mind. It’s a great time to get self centered and focused on your inner energy. Find a comfortable spot, take some deep breaths and focus on clearing your mind to reach maximum relaxation.


Invest in Self Improvement

Take three days our of the week to listen to an enriching podcast or read a self-improvement book. There is always room for growth, and what better thing to improve than yourself?


Stay Positive, Always.

Create a positive affirmation to keep you going each day. Things can get a little rough every now and then, it’s good to have a steady reminder from yourself that everything will be work out. Put a note of affirmation in your phone, a sticky note on your mirror, desktop, anywhere and everywhere you can!