Cleanliness is Wellness: Staying Organized

Getting home after a long work day is meant to be relaxing and calming. However, for some, being home may be just as stressful as work because of the lack of cleanliness. Imagine having to arrive to a cluttered home or a pile of dishes? And instead of cleaning them up, you convince yourself you’ll do it tomorrow because you’re just too tired. This in itself shows not just lack in cleanliness, but lack in self-care. You must care enough about yourself to maintain a clean or tidy environment that will ultimately benefit you.

How many times have you been late to work because you can’t find your keys in the morning? How much counter space have you taken up in your restroom because your makeup and hairbrushes are all over the place?

Clean Room.jpg

Studies at Indiana University and Princeton University have shown that people with cleaner homes were healthier, more active and clutter led to lack of focus on a  particular task. Makes sense on why you get grumpy in the mornings when you can’t find your keys, right? If these minor things can cause a negative effect to your mornings and maybe even daily routine, just think of how much stress and entire messy home can cause.

 It may seem that you need an entire day to clean up the mess you have all over your home, but remember, one small step is a step closer than you were before and it’s progress! Begin with something small like a closet, cabinet or even the dishes. Picture the satisfaction of completing a task with visual and immediate results… calming isn’t it? Let’s get to cleaning! There are ways you can begin your baby steps and one would be organization. Organization can be key especially in places like your closet and restroom. View at the gallery below for a couple of organizer tools to help you start organizing!

Storage BIns

Storage bins are an amazing start for organizing your closet or restroom! These cute cottage woven bins are perfect to store purses, seasonal shoes, socks and anything else that may not have a designated area in your closet space or that can’t be hung. For restroom use, you can place hair products, lotions, razors, towels, medicines, perfumes, so many things that you may just have stacked up on eachother!

Jewelry Hook Organizer

A jewelry organizer is perfect for you Nice & Bella style gurus who need to have your shiny goodies on display and ready to wear! This organizer is particularly great because it can be placed on your wall on not take up any room on your vanity. It fits stylish shades, rings, perfumes, necklaces and bracelets!

Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are perfect for restroom drawers. You know, the drawers we scavenge through to find a hair tie or bobby pin? Yeah, those days are over with these versatile drawer organizers. You can place your brushes, q-tips, hair ties, among many other things in these organizer to keep your drawers maintained and not sloshing around every time you open and close it.

Make your home a clean environment for the betterment of yourself. You’ll be able to focus on things like your hobbies or reading a book worry free, instead of stressfully glancing at the pile of laundry or dishes over your book. You won’t have to worry about waking up a couple of minutes early to look for your keys. You’ll have more time for YOU! Be happy, be healthy and take that baby step!